sábado, dezembro 10, 2016

"Align Prices with Value by Segment"

"Narrow your customer groups as tightly as possible. Segment them by how profitable they are now, by their willingness to pay, for the extras they request and more. Each transaction represents a different buying situation and therefore a different value proposition. Group these customers by the deal elements they value, and then dedicate a monetary price to these value propositions. Consider shipping rates, support fees, discounts, and allowances as potential value drivers.
During this process, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to raise prices for a handful of your smaller segments.
If (and let’s be honest when) customers balk at your effort to raise prices, your sales team won’t persuade them to pay up by just listing your product or service features. They need to explain why your customers need the products and/or services and what they get out of them. They have to sell on value.
You already know what your customers value from segmenting them during the pricing strategy process. It’s time to put that knowledge to good use during the sales process. As value propositions resonate different from customer to customer, so should your sales strategy."[Moi ici: Na sequência de uma auditoria recente a um departamento comercial fiquei a matutar nas eventuais vantagens e problemas da empresa ter comerciais não por áreas geográficas mas por segmentos de clientes]
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