terça-feira, novembro 15, 2016

"it is the situation rather than the customer" (parte II)

Escrevi há dias:

Depois de ler "When Coffee Compete With Kale" e "Finding the Right Job For Your Product" escrevi "it is the situation rather than the customer".
Quantas vezes me deparei com o desafio, semelhante ao do lojista, de ter identificado um cliente-alvo e, depois, descobrir que umas vezes actua de uma forma e outras vezes de forma diferente com diferentes critérios de escolha. E a hipótese de ser o trabalho, de ser a situação, o foco simplifica e explica muito melhor.
Em "Two JTBD rules for customer motivation" encontro um bom exemplo:
"Growing up a friend of mine was forced by his father to mow the lawn. His father bought the lawn mower. My friend had to use it. The father may have had motivations around impressing the neighbors, fitting in with the rest of the community, or an obligation to have a cozy environment for his family. I’m not sure. I never talked the father about these things.
What I do know, is what my friend told me. He told me his father wanted him to learn about responsibility, obligation, and discipline. This lawnmower wasn’t about lawn care. It was about being a good father.
And guess what happened when my friend and I left home and went to college? My friend’s father hired a lawn care service. Circumstances had changed. His motivation for buying the lawnmower — his JTBD — no longer existed. He now he had a different JTBD. He developed a new set of criteria and had to make a decision. I don’t know what that criteria was. Nor do I know what JTBD he’s using the lawn care service for. I never talked to him about it."

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