quinta-feira, outubro 20, 2016

Mongo e os gigantes

Muita turbulência no ar. Por um lado, há anos que escrevo que Mongo não é um mundo gigantes-friendly.
Por outro lado, esta semana já apanhei "The rise of the superstars":
"But now size seems to matter again. [Moi ici: Acredito que seja ilusão estatística. A febre de fusões e aquisições que destrói valor é prova disso. A fusão das cervejeiras citada no artigo não acontece numa posição de força mas é antes uma reacção ao avanço dos Davids] The McKinsey Global Institute, the consultancy’s research arm, calculates that 10% of the world’s public companies generate 80% of all profits. Firms with more than $1 billion in annual revenue account for nearly 60% of total global revenues and 65% of market capitalisation."
E "What kills companies?":
"The more firms engage in getting today’s work done, it actually reduces the probability of making shifts in innovation and strategy. That is what is so strikingly paradoxical to leaders: The very recipes that work so well for today often get in the way of the future. It’s a challenge to incrementally improve what you’re doing as you’re trying to complement it with something different. The dual strategies are inconsistent."
E "Finding the Sweet Spot Between Mass Market and Premium":
"For some time, however, established players have been having trouble premiumizing their products. Smaller brands have been picking up the slack. In 2015, for example, small food and beverage manufacturers drove nearly half of category growth, while the top 25 manufacturers could only take credit for 3%.

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