quarta-feira, junho 01, 2016

Pricing power (parte IV)

Parte I, parte II e parte III

Isto é um exemplo da pregação deste blogue:
"Priorities: You need to make pricing and new product development your priority. There is no better way to create new opportunities and escape the oppressive market conditions. Cutting costs in a time of market pressure and tight margins may seem wise and expedient, but it has two downsides which appear quickly. Cost cuts have limits. [Moi ici: O problema do denominador] You can go only so far without jeopardizing product quality and service. Cost cuts also hurt morale and can cost you talent.
The revenue side of your profit equation has no such inherent constraints. [Moi ici: Além de que tem o efeito assimétrico revelado pelo Evangelho do Valor] It is your only long-term, sustainable source of upside. And the only way to create and secure that upside is with new ideas that become new products.
You may not always change the basis of competition radically. But the profits from innovation beget more innovation and increase the odds that you will find more winners. You create something your customers will value, and something which gives you advantages over your competition."
Trechos de "Profitable Innovation" um e-book de Georg Tacke, David Vidal e Jan Haemer.

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