domingo, junho 26, 2016

O tempo é tudo

"There is no design that will generate all desired behaviors. Firms need to constantly monitor their current position relative to their corporate theory and the array of behaviors, goals, and investments it reveals. The need for change is frequently and ideally not a symptom of failure, but rather a symptom of success. It is the success of the old design that invites the new - that elevates the benefit of a new approach that invites a new set of complementary investments or accelerates a new set of complementary behaviors."
O que leva naturalmente a:
"Organizational design is a problem of dynamic optimization. The design question is not as simple as, What is the best organization design for my corporate theory? Rather, the critical question is, What is the appropriate organization design now? Different designs solve different problems; they invite different behaviors and investments. The leader’s task is to identify the problem that most needs solving today and design for it, recognizing that tomorrow’s problem and the design it needs will be different than today’s."
"Timing is everything. Timing is the most important tool an organizational architect possesses. Like the sailor attempting to sail into the wind, your challenge is to not only put together the necessary change initiatives that will generate real velocity in the direction you select, but to impose them at the correct time. Bad timing dooms what may otherwise be great design."
Trechos retirados de "Beyond competitive advantage : how to solve the puzzle of sustaining growth while creating value" de Todd Zenger.

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