domingo, maio 22, 2016

Pensamento estratégico, mais urgente que nunca

A propósito deste texto "As Amazon Expands Into Private Label Groceries, Supermarket Chains Should Be Very Afraid" como não pensar logo na análise do contexto e nas fábricas que trabalhavam para as sapatarias.
Quanto a este trecho:
"Amazon’s entry into private labels will force grocers to be even more innovative. “This move by Amazon should keep every conventional grocer up at night,” says Jim Cusson, president of Theory House, a retail marketing agency in Charlotte, North Carolina. “While the disruption may not happen overnight, it is absolutely coming. With a growing number of cities now enjoying Amazon same day delivery, the physical advantage of grocers will erode over time. And there are few moms who look forward to a trip to the grocery store.”"
A aposta na arte, na conexão, na experiência.
Nunca esquecer a frase na coluna das citações:
"When something is commoditized, an adjacent market becomes valuable"

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