sábado, abril 30, 2016

Táxis versus Uber também na sua empresa

Um dia depois da manifestação de táxis contra a Uber vale a pena ler "Focus on Keeping Up with Your Customers, Not Your Competitors":
"We believe the greatest challenge to companies today is not keeping up with their competitors, but with their own customers.
One reason is that individuals are transforming to digital faster than organizations. Think for a moment about people as tiny enterprises. They’ve redesigned their core processes in the area of procurement (online shopping), talent acquisition (marketplaces), collaboration (social networking), market research (peer reviews), finance (mobile payments) and travel (room and ride sharing). Have you reinvented your core processes to the same degree?.
Customers’ expectations are also more liquid and no longer based on industry boundaries. Customers – whether consumers or business buyers – don’t compare your customer service to that of your competitors, but to the best customer service they receive from anywhere."
Agora que conseguiu materializar o que está em causa com o exemplo dos taxistas, talvez possa reflectir mais profunda e abstractamente sobre o mais difícil, sobre a sua empresa... em que medida é que ela não está a acompanhar a pedalada dos seus clientes?

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