quinta-feira, abril 07, 2016

Plataformas e interacção

Para alguém que junta o conceito de Mongo, o conceito de interacção para a co-criação de valor (2012), e previu as plataformas cooperativas antes de estas serem moda, (20152015), como não apreciar "Why A New Generation Of On-Demand Businesses Rejected The Uber Model":
"While those "Uber for X" startups seek to distance themselves from the driving, cleaning, and delivering they facilitate, instead functioning only as a technology  layer on top of other businesses, Slate fully believes that it is a cleaning and laundry company. "We’re not techies,"
"There is no doubt to us that if we want to be successful, and if we want to be in the cleaning of clothes business, then we have to own that business," he says. "It’s very difficult to get the kind of consistent quality that you need to provide to keep customers without doing it yourself."[Moi ici: Mais do que "own that business" para mim é o own the interaction step, own the contact step, own the connection step, own the co-criation step, own the bond step]
While the first generation of "on-demand" companies had a business model similar to the one made famous by Uber, many new service-sector startups are instead launching, or pivoting toward, a philosophy more aligned with Slate.
These entrepreneurs are not launching technology companies or even "on demand" companies. They are instead starting child-care companies, retail stores, restaurants, and laundry services that use mobile technology not only for delivery, but as a way to be more efficient at every step of their operations.
"There are a lot of companies that can do delivery, but there’s not a lot of value-add. It’s just logistics. What we’re adding is a human connection. That’s really hard to do. That’s the missing link in a digital world.""
Como escreve Geoff Colvin em "Humans are Underrated":
"The most valuable people are increasingly relationship workers"
E a sua PME, ainda que não esteja no mundo da tecnologia (e devia pensar seriamente nisso, lembre-se do "é meter código nisso") o que é que faz pela interacção?

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