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E a sua empresa, em que campeonato está?

"The reality is that the Internet has done more than create the potential for simple price comparison – it has unshackled shoppers from the tyranny of ‘one size fits all’. Shoppers are free break up their shop and spend their time and money where they get value. The discounter may happily supply those categories that the shopper cares little for, an online specialist perhaps to pick up something unique and interesting, and a high street specialist for a category where expertize and service are desired.
What is both challenging and exciting about this for the consumer goods and retail businesses is that this won’t be the same for everyone. Over simplifications such as ‘shoppers are driven by price’ are simply not good enough and not true. Shoppers are people, and are far more complex. Price might be all I care about when it comes to buying shampoo, but for coffee I’m a little more discerning, for example. But some of my colleagues would be the exact opposite. The challenge for consumer marketers, shopper marketers and trade marketers is to recognize this. Not to try and be all things to every shopper, however. Rather, to focus on the consumers that are key. To focus on the shoppers that will be key to driving future sales and profit, and to build an understanding of how these target shoppers use different channels for different categories. Generic models and generalizations simply won’t help your brand or store win."
E a sua empresa em que campeonato está?
Confesso que quando leio estas explicações para uma evolução menos positiva das vendas:

Fico sempre a pensar se não haverá demasiada superficialidade ao culpar o poder de compra.

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