sexta-feira, novembro 06, 2015

"everything that can become a platform will"

"It used to be that companies would gain a competitive edge by bringing more and more people, assets, and resources inside the company in order to reduce transaction costs. The Internet has stripped that advantage away. Now, the smartest companies are using the Internet’s ability to facilitate collaboration by leveraging assets, resources, and expertise outside of their sphere of control. I call this new collaboration “Peers Inc.” and we are seeing its transformative and disruptive power in every sector of the economy.
Governments need to recognize and prepare for this new third way of working which is neither full-time nor temporary part-time, but a new way of life. The Internet exists and everything that can become a platform will.
In a world struggling to cope with incessant disruption brought on by fast-paced technical innovation, climate change, urbanization, and globalization, Peers, Inc. is the structure for our times. It enables us to experiment, iterate, adapt, and evolve at the required pace. I’m happy this flexible new tool has come to exist."
Trechos retirados de "Who Benefits from the Peer-to-Peer Economy?"

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