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Para suportar a subida na escala de valor

Recomendamos a subida na escala de valor, com o consequente aumento do preço praticado.
Claro que não basta melhorar a oferta e subir o preço. Os clientes, sobretudo no B2B, têm uma grande relutância em optar por uma oferta com um preço mais alto:
"The conceptual framework we have proposed and tested for understanding customer managers’ purchase of higher-value, higher-price offerings in business markets is comprised of two constructs: ambiguity about superior value and consequences of obtaining superior value.[Moi ici: Bom para continuar esta série sobre o T-TIP]
[Moi ici: Acerca do "ambiguity about superior value"] Providing some value evidence supporting the value estimate from the value analysis significantly increases customer managers’ purchase intentions for the higher-value, higher-price offerings, ... Whether this value evidence comes in the form of a reference list containing some respected competitors that the customers are able to contact or confirming pilot program results from one of the customer’s own plants, it appears to allay customer managers’ concerns about whether they will realize the stated value.
[Moi ici: Acerca de "consequences of obtaining superior value"] Conversely, customer managers in the lowering-total-cost-of-ownership condition have significantly higher purchase intentions than do those in the stay-within-the-budget condition for higher-value, higher-price offerings"
Para os fabricantes reter ainda:
"The scenarios established that the customer managers themselves had participated in the value analysis to establish the worth in monetary terms of each offering. Few suppliers in practice make the commitment to persuasively demonstrate and document the value of their offerings relative to the next-best alternatives
Suppliers should conduct pilot programs with beta-test customers to understand the value delivered by new or enhanced offerings. The results of the pilot programs, when they are carefully designed and monitored, enable the supplier to document the actual value in monetary terms that the beta customers receive. Customers may be willing to cooperate in documenting the costs savings or greater value in exchange for supplier assistance in the data gathering and analysis as well as earlier access to these offerings.
Suppliers then can use the documented results to create reference customer lists and value case histories. Our finding that reference lists of respected competitors were as effective as confirming pilot program findings in persuading customer managers to have higher purchase intentions for higher-value, higher-price offerings suggests this two-stage strategy"
Trechos retirados de "'Purchasing Higher-Value, Higher-Price Offerings in Business Markets'", Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, 17: 1, 29 — 61, 2010

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