quinta-feira, julho 23, 2015

Bonito e libertador!

A propósito de "A "Grande" lição da minha vida" encontrei mais um texto da grande Hilary Austen, "Artistry: the Territory, the Map and a Compass":
"The complex problems we face nowadays go by many names: ‘social messes’, ‘wicked problems’ and ‘big hairy problems’; I like to call them ‘enigmatic problems’.
As we go about solving enigmatic problems, the ends and the means are not only unclear, they are also interdependent: as efforts to solve them proceed, the ends evolve as means are generated. Likewise, as means unfold, new ends become possible which, in turn, may demand new means. All of which invites an observation: that the enigmatic problems we face are comprised of features identical to those routinely found in the arts – including uncertainty, ambiguity, complexity, change, surprise, choice, subtlety, indeterminacy, uniqueness and the aforementioned interdependence between ends and means.
Artists see the features of enigmatic problems not as obstacles, but as exciting opportunities; rather than fearing ambiguity, they seek it out; and rather than avoiding surprises, they embrace them. Might this mean that the enigmatic problems that permeate modern organizations can be treated as opportunities for artistry? I believe so, but only if we cross an oft-forbidden boundary and enter a world that has always been open to artists, but seldom to the rest of us: the world of qualitative thought and experience, where judgment and imagination take their place alongside quantitative analysis and deductive reasoning."
Bonito e libertador!

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