terça-feira, junho 09, 2015

Os modelos low-cost podem ser seus aliados

Ao ler "Medium is not a publishing tool" fiquei interessado na descrição histórica do Blogger e nas possíveis analogias para muitas empresas.
Por exemplo, acerca do papel dos modelos de negócio low-cost para atraírem novos clientes, novos utilizadores, para o sector. Clientes que depois podem evoluir nas suas necessidades e serem atraídos por outras empresas com outras propostas de valor mais elaboradas:
"Twelve years ago, I was heading Blogger at Google and frustrated we kept losing users to our competitors, like Movable Type from Six Apart. A common phenomenon at the time was that people would start blogging on Blogger — because it was free, popular, and easy to set up — and then “graduate” to more powerful tools.
Movable Type, Greymatter, and, later, Wordpress, had a much higher barrier to entry (before WP had turnkey hosting). But once someone had discovered the joys of sharing thoughts on the Internet, they were willing to invest the effort in order to get the added features and flexibility that the install-on-your-server software afforded.
Understanding Blogger as we did at the time — as a software tool for creating and publishing web sites — we found ourselves in the race many software makers  know well: Add features, get more users. Competitor adds more features, lose  users.
Today, we all understand the Internet business is not the software business. We strive to build networks and platforms. We compete on user experience (and marketing, to some extent). Features and flexibility are far down the list of  competitive tactics, at least when you’re dealing in consumer software (make that, services)."
Portanto, os modelos low-cost podem ser seus aliados, se não os quiser copiar. Podem ser seus aliados se surgir como uma extensão natural para os que entraram pelo low-cost mas descobriram que querem experiências mais elaboradas

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