segunda-feira, março 23, 2015

Uma self-fulfilling prophecy

"customers are going to the extreme. Recognizing the efficiency model in corporations and the vanilla (i.e., boring) products and services provided as a result of the efficiency focus, they reciprocate. They develop an efficiency model of their own: a discount strategy. It is not that they do not appreciate value, they simply cannot see any. In the absence of differentiation and reasons to pay a premium, they default to price as the primary decision factor.
Companies simply forgot to create and add value. They took their success for granted. They wanted to maximize their original product and service investments and then let them sit there without updating until they became irrelevant, boring, and - as we like to say in professional jargon - mature and tired. Tired products represent tired companies: companies that prefer to succumb to market trends instead of redefining them; companies that focus on incremental, existential improvements rather than order-ofmagnitude change; companies that believe they still have time to milk their existing products. They are hanging on by a thread, literally waiting for a brand new competitor to hit them with a brand new, exciting value proposition that will tip the scales and push their product into the irrelevance abyss"

Trechos retirados de "Passionate and profitable : why customer strategies fail and ten steps to do them right" de Lior Arussy.

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