sábado, março 21, 2015

O parágrafo final é mortal para as empresas que ...

Há uma citação que uso já há algum tempo:
"Value it's a feeling, not a calculation"
"Emotions make the corporate world uncomfortable. The perception is that since emotions cannot be managed very well and are difficult to fit into pie charts or reports, they must be ignored. The efficiency-oriented operations we pride ourselves on are full of logic and predictability, so we tend to treat the customer accordingly. Financial managers have no clue as to how to factor emotions into their financial models. Thus emotions are treated as the type of irrational behavior from which we must shy away.
In reality, that thought process is fundamentally flawed. Businesses built on logic alone will be very expensive to operate. We actually want emotions in our relationships with customers. A purely logical customer will shop for the lowest price every time and will demonstrate no loyalty at all. The cost of doing business with customers will be high, because each time we will have to “acquire” them again through expensive incentives.
The problem with emotions, however, is that many of them occur in a nurturing environment. They demand mutual commitment in order to deliver commitment. In the long, uncomfortable affair companies have with emotions, they have tended to exploit the customer’s emotions but not to communicate their own."
O parágrafo final é mortal para as empresas que não fazem parte de uma tribo, para as empresas que julgam que o big data resolve tudo, para as empresas que não apostam na co-criação, para as empresas que não escolhem os seus clientes-alvo, para as empresas que não interagem.

Trechos retirados de "Passionate and profitable : why customer strategies fail and ten steps to do them right" de Lior Arussy.

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