quinta-feira, fevereiro 26, 2015

O ecossistema da procura das parafarmácias

Em "Value co-creation and resource integration in Italian drugs distribution" de Melia, Caridà e Colurcio, um artigo de 2011, encontramos um tema muito querido deste blogue, o tema dos ecossistemas da procura (aqui também).
Em Itália, tal como em Portugal,a venda de OTC foi liberalizada:
"The so-called Bersani decree (d.l. 4 July 2006 no. 233 law no. 248/2006) was a breakthrough in Italian drugs distribution in  providing for the liberalization of the sale of these products. The main change Bersani decree effected consists of the extension of commercial distribution patterns to some drugs: over the counter (OTC) and without medical prescription drugs (WMP). Before this conceptual and marketing revolution occurred, in Italy customers could buy drugs only at the chemist’s; now consumers can find these products in corner inside distribution and parapharmacy shops too.

According to the results, pharmaceutical network appears as a relational locus where value co-creation occurs. All the economic and social actors of the network integrate their own resources for the benefit of another entity or the entity itself. We observed that each actor interact with others to obtain individual relational, cultural and affective benefits." 

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