quinta-feira, fevereiro 26, 2015

Dizer não!

"If you are a chief financial officer, you are probably already aware that your role is undergoing a historic transformation. You and your predecessors have always been guardians of shareholder value and financial integrity.
But now, the CFO role is expanding to include being the company’s premier champion of strategic discipline as well. You are charged with ensuring value creation, and your main tool for doing so is a simple one that has long been at your disposal, but never used this way before: the word no. [Moi ici: E a série "Tecto de vidro" mostra claramente a necessidade de alguém dizer não!]
you are the voice of focused investment, asking the right questions and providing the right insights so that everyone understands when to say no and how to say yes. You help the company turn down many activities so that the few most important can thrive. The deciding factor is strategic value. Economies of scale and market clout are no longer the formidable barriers to entry they once were. The allocation of resources must now favor a company’s most distinctive capabilities - those differentiating things it does particularly well that enable it to outperform competitors over time."
Trechos retirados de "The Redefined No of the CFO"

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