quinta-feira, janeiro 22, 2015

"companies must invest in their differences"

"As product categories mature, there is a tendency for all offerings to resemble one another. Traditional marketing techniques and competitive pressure result in a homogenous set of products. To break free of this cycle, companies must invest in their differences rather than attempting to match competitor’s strengths.
As market segments become mature, the initial differences between products disappear as all participants micro-segment and competition drives development of parity features and attributes.  It’s a bit like Clayton Christensen’s theory of disruption–as businesses adhere to best practices they can sow the seeds of their own undoing. In this case, hyper-mature categories suffer from a sameness borne of relentless
Businesses have a hard time breaking free from this pattern because traditional marketing techniques are aimed at finding competitive gaps and filling them. The race towards parity from all participants results in an undifferentiated mass of features and attributes."
Quando se quer ir a todas as oportunidades, quando não se está ciente das vantagens competitivas, quando não se está focalizado.

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