domingo, setembro 21, 2014

Promoção da batota de criar ou descobrir, e alavancar a imperfeição no mercado

Há anos que promovemos descaradamente a batota de criar ou descobrir, e alavancar a imperfeição no mercado.
Assim, é sempre interessante descobrir gente que usa a mesma linguagem que nós:
"For a company to beat the market by capturing and retaining an economic surplus there must be an imperfection that stops or at least slows the working of the market. An imperfection controlled by a company is a competitive advantage. The best companies are emulated by those in the middle of the pack, and the worst exit or undergo significant reform. Good strategies emphasize difference—versus your direct competitors, versus potential substitutes, and versus potential entrants.
Know your competitive advantage, and you’ve answered the question of why you make money (and vice versa).
The need to beat the market begs the question of which market. Research shows that the unit of analysis used in determining strategy (essentially, the degree to which a market is segmented) significantly influences resource allocation and thus the likelihood of success: dividing the same businesses in different ways leads to strikingly different capital allocations.
Defining and understanding segments correctly is one of the most practical things a company can do to improve its strategy."
Trechos retirados de "Have you tested your strategy lately?"

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