quinta-feira, maio 29, 2014

Mongo passa por isto (parte I)

Mongo, a democratização da produção, a interacção e personalização entre produção e consumo, o uso das redes sociais como veículo de contacto genuíno e não treta para encher... tudo isso passa por um excelente artigo na revista Inc de Junho deste ano, "Along Came Lolly - From the unlikeliest of places, an e-cmerce revolution - with ruffles":
"Brandi Temple went from sewing dresses for her daughters to make ends meet to running the most talked-about, $11 million company in e-commerce--all because she picked the lock on using Facebook for sales.
Behind that little piece of paper on the door, it turns out, is a company that says it does more sales on Facebook than any other brand in the world. And outsiders seem to agree.
"Lolly," says Young, "has been able to do something that no big brand has been able to do, which is to convince people to actually buy on Facebook."
Lolly Wolly Doodle brought in about $11 million in 2013, and it has roughly doubled its revenue every year since its inception in 2009. It expects revenue to double again this year.
Along the way, Temple has created an innovative U.S.-based manufacturing process and supply chain that feed off the brand's social-media cues to maximize efficiency. That mechanism seems likely to be adaptable to any number of products and services. Unlikely as it may seem, Temple's company may just represent the beginning of the next e-commerce revolution.
What Temple is really doing, says Davis, is "reinventing apparel much as Dell reinvented the PC industry. It's affordable custom [manufacturing] in real time with little inventory risk." Davis sees Lolly's Facebook commerce as an important tactic that kick-started the company, but it's just that: a tactic. The real innovation is using social media as the starting point for a new e-commerce model that's powered by a social feedback loop."
E a forma como o artigo termina é tão... tão ao jeito de Mongo:
"We don't even think about competition," she says. "We are our only competition."

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