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Acerca da diferenciação e do posicionamento

"second face of differentiation is the process of positioning the offering’s non-price outputs at a chosen distance from those substitutes, in the eyes of choosing customers. A competing substitute is simply one which customers regard as competing. Differentiation results in a differentiated offering. An offering is undifferentiated from its substitutes when customers are unaware of any difference, and choose only on price.
The word ‘differentiation’ is used to describe both (a) the seller’s choice of the direction and distance and (b) the resulting differentiated position of the offering.
the ‘industry’ is found to be a poor representation or even proxy of the market in which an offering competes for customers, the case for industry analysis is weakened.
A private market is ‘personal’ to a single competitor. Its list of competitors is not wholly shared with any of the other competing offerings. Their respective lists will partly overlap, but no two of them will be identical. This is another way of saying that each offering is differentiated.
Figure 4.4 illustrates this concept of a private market. Offering A’s market overlaps with those of B, C, D and E. On the other hand, offering E is close enough to A, D, F and G to compete with them, but not to B or C. In this pattern it is not possible to draw the boundary of ‘the’ (publicly defined) market common to all the parties. It is, however, perfectly possible to draw a boundary for the private market of A, or of any other single offering."

Isto é muito, muito bom!

Trechos retirados de "Creating Value Successful business strategies" de Shiv S. Mathur e Alfred Kenyon.

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