quarta-feira, fevereiro 19, 2014

Acerca do futuro do trabalho

"Is your job safe in the second machine age?"

"“The Computer Revolution of the twentieth century caused a hollowing-out of middle-income jobs”, the authors continue. There were more rewards to cognitive dexterity at the top but also to lower wage service jobs. There were more “lovely” but also more “lousy” jobs, as one seminal paper puts it.
In the Frey and Osborne story, technology has tended to replace routine work – manual in the 19th century, then cognitive in the 20th century.
Specifically, the authors identify three aspects of a task that make it less likely for a robot (or a big data processor) to replicate. First, “perception and manipulation”: it is one thing having a robot zipping around a giant Amazon warehouse, another finding a mechanical arm to do unpredictable surgery. Second, “creative intelligence”: programmes such as AARON can draw, but it is much more difficult to encode creative values. Third, “social intelligence”, or the real-time recognition of human emotion."


A propósito de "Estudo: Taxista é profissão ameaçada, mas ser padre tem futuro" e da aula:
"Carlos Costa, o governador do Banco de Portugal, numa ‘aula’ que deu sobre “o desafio da absorção do desemprego estrutural em Portugal”"
Aposto em que ele só aborda a absorção do desemprego pela definição de trabalho, ou de ganha-pão, ou de emprego. E será que é a única viável em Mongo?

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