quarta-feira, novembro 20, 2013

Acerca do ecossistema da procura

E continuo a minha leitura de "The Wide Lens" de Ron Adner:
"Many innovations rely on a chain of intermediaries that stand between them and their end customer.
In todays's interdependent world, the successful innovator must treat each partner as a customer even if they are not in a direct business relationship.
We have all been trained to "focus on the customer," to "listen to the voice of the customer," to try our utmost to "delight the customer." But as the adoption chain makes explicit, we rarely have just one customer. Which customer in the chain is most important? All of them! Each and every intermediary that is part of the ecosystem needs to see surplus from adopting the innovation. A single instance of rejection is enough to break the entire chain. The logic of adoption chains dictates that innovation A, despite the far higher value it creates for the end customer (+5 vs. +1), and the higher net surplus that it creates for the chain as a whole (+11 vs. +4), will fail. It will fail, not because the end customer won't prefer it, but because the end customer will never have the chance to choose it. As long as the retailer is worse off with innovation A than with its current alternative, it will be a broken link in the adption chain. Ironically, despite its lower value creation, innovation B will sail through the adoption chain."

Um déjà vu permanente!!!
Desde 2004 que usamos esta abordagem no nosso trabalho junto das empresas. Quem está entre a empresa e os utilizadores finais? Como podemos criar uma sinfonia, uma harmonia, de ganhar-ganhar entre todos?

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