terça-feira, outubro 29, 2013

"life inside a cost leader looks very different from life inside a differentiator"

"Differing imperatives under low-cost strategies and differentiation strategies.In other words, life inside a cost leader looks very different from life inside a differentiator. In a cost leader, managers are forever looking to better understand the drivers of costs and are modifying their operations accordingly. (Moi ici: Recordar ao fazer a barba todos os dias)  In a differentiator, managers are forever attempting to deepen their holistic understanding of customers to learn how to serve them more distinctively. In a cost leader, cost reduction is relentlessly pursued, while in a differentiator, the brand is relentlessly built.Customers are seen and treated very differently. At a cost leader, nonconforming customers - that is, customers who want something special and different from what the firm currently produces - are sacrificed to ensure standardization of the product or service, all in the pursuit of cost-effectiveness. At a differentiator, customers are jealously guarded. If customers indicate a desire for something different, the firm tries to design a new offering that the customers will adore....Both cost leadership and differentiation require the pursuit of distinctiveness. You don’t get to be a cost leader by producing your product or service exactly as your competitors do, and you don’t get to be a differentiator by trying to produce a product or service identical to your competitors’. To succeed in the long run, you must make thoughtful, creative decisions about how to win."
Trecho retirado de "Playing to win" de Roger Martin e Lafley.

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