sábado, julho 25, 2009

Desistir não é a mesma coisa que falhar

Quando escrevo sobre isto: falar verdade para poder decidir com tempo.
"nega-se a hipótese aos terceiros de, longe do garrote da falência, poderem optar por uma estratégia de saída do negócio por cima."
Estou a falar sobre a diferença entre falhar e desistir, como refere Seth Godin no seu livro The Dip:
"Strategic quitting is a conscious decision you make based on the choices that are available to you. If you realize you're at a dead end compared with what you could be investing in, quitting is not only a reasonable choice, it's a smart one.

Failing, on the other hand, means that your dream is over. Failing happens when you give up, when there are no other options, or when you quit so often that you've used up all your time and resources.

It's easy to wring your hands about becoming a failure. Quitting smart, though, is a great way to avoid failing.

'Wait a minute. Didn't that coach say quitting was a bad idea? Actually, quitting as a short-term strategy is a bad idea. Quitting for the long term is an excellent idea.

Quitting is not the same as panicking. Panic is never premeditated. Panic attacks us, it grabs us, it is in the moment.

Quitting when you're panicked is dangerous and expensive. The best quitters, as we've seen, are the ones who decide in advance when they're going to quit. You can always quit later-so wait until you're done panicking to decide.”"

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