quarta-feira, abril 11, 2007

FMEA e a rede de causas entrelaçadas

"Let’s imagine organizational problems as signs of trouble within large, interconnected systems of things, people, technology, conversation, and, other problems.

Unfortunately, much of the fabric connecting these diverse elements is hidden from plain sight. This is in part why we see so many problem-solving efforts focused narrowly on the first or loudest symptoms, without much interest in how the problems are connected to anything else.

Experience has taught us that hammering away at various parts of the whole problem system usually only makes things worse, wastes precious time and energy, and triggers cynicism when the mess gets worse despite the effort. What’s difficult about widening the scope of the inquiry is that it’s not at all clear at first glance, from a local perspective, how far the problem system sprawls."

Retirado do artigo "Problem-Solving as a Double-Loop Learning System" de Jeff Dooley.

Esta citação veio-me ontem à cabeça, em plena sessão de desenvolvimento de um FMEA numa organização. O esquema típico de desenvolvimento de um FMEA não pertencerá a um tempo já ultrapassado? Um tempo em que o mundo era visto como uma realidade linear e não uma floresta de causas inter relacionadas?

Identificamos um modo de falha. Listamos os impactes dessa falha. Listamos as causas dessa falha... mas como ilustrar a rede de causas entrelaçadas? Confesso as minhas dúvidas!

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