quarta-feira, março 17, 2021

Um escândalo

Imaginem ter professores deste calibre num país de carneiros como o nosso:

"One day, an eighth grader complained that the reading assignment from a history textbook was inaccurate. If you’re a teacher, that kind of criticism could be a nightmare. Using an outdated textbook would be a sign that you don’t know your material, and it would be embarrassing if your students noticed the error before you did.

But Erin [the teacher] had assigned that particular reading intentionally. She collects old history books because she enjoys seeing how the stories we tell change over time, and she decided to give her students part of a textbook from 1940. Some of them just accepted the information it presented at face value. Through years of education, they had come to take it for granted that textbooks told the truth. Others were shocked by errors and omissions. It was ingrained in their minds that their readings were filled with incontrovertible facts. The lesson led them to start thinking like scientists and questioning what they were learning: whose story was included, whose was excluded, and what were they missing if only one or two perspectives were shared?
After opening her students’ eyes to the fact that knowledge can evolve, Erin’s next step was to show them that it’s always evolving."
Trechos retirados de “The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know” de Adam Grant.

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