sexta-feira, agosto 14, 2020

Não é ciência de foguetões, mas eu sou um anónimo de província (parte III)

Há dias escrevi isto, "Não é ciência de foguetões, mas eu sou um anónimo de província (parte II)", sobre o preço das viagens aéreas por estes dias. Ontem, via Twitter encontrei isto "Coronavirus Has Upended Everything Airlines Know About Pricing":
"The pandemic has completely confounded the computers that spit out airfares based on passenger behavior
Revenue management—the science of getting the highest price for an airline seat, hotel room or other perishable good or service—is based largely on historical data. With big-data computing, airlines know with surprising precision what the demand will be for the 2 p.m. flight to Chicago on the third Thursday of October. Except now they don’t, since so much of revenue management is based on past buying with no relation to a pandemic.
You’re not flying blind, but you definitely have blinders on,” says Dax Cross, chief executive of Revenue Analytics, an Atlanta-based revenue-management software company.
“The entire demand patterns and booking patterns have changed. Not only are they lower, but any information about the mix of business and leisure bookings is no longer relevant,”
Tom Bacon, a longtime airline-industry pricing executive and consultant who taught revenue management at the International Air Transport Association, thinks airlines need to move away from their reliance on historical data. He suggests they become more like online retailers that use factors like how many searches have there been for a particular product."

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