sábado, julho 27, 2019

But if trash comes in, trash comes out

Coincidência, ou conspiração?

Esta semana duas pessoas em dias diferentes, em cidades diferentes, recomendaram-me a leitura de "Factfulness". Quinta-feira, antes de apanhar camioneta entro numa livraria e apanho com este livro bem de frente.
"In poor countries what % of girls finish primary school? 20%, 40% or 60%?
What % of babies in the world under one year received a type of vaccine? 20%, 50% or 80%?
Today there are 2 billion children. According to the UN by 2100 the number will double, will it be 3 billion or equal?
If you have not answered all three questions always with the last hypothesis, you are wrong. If you didn’t get anyone right, you’re in “good” company: most CEOs, top NGO managers, highly trained medical professionals, etc. all, all of them respond worse than chimpanzees… (which responding at random would hit at least one answer – 33%)."
"One cannot think well with wrong facts. Am I an excellent information processor? In quantity and speed? All right. But if trash comes in, trash comes out: garbage in, garbage out. How to draw right conclusions from wrong assumptions? This is what explains how 1) smart people 2) in powerful countries make catastrophic decisions where it would be best to be quiet." 

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