quinta-feira, janeiro 31, 2019

Robôs e Mongo

O parceiro das conversas oxigenadoras mandou-me um texto interessante sobre o tema ada automatização, bem em linha com o que sempre aqui se escreveu sobre o problema da automatização quando choca com a variedade crescente de Mongo:

"Saw this one today...thought it was worth sharing...The theory is that beyond Level 3 automation, capital costs and technical complexity increase dramatically. Properly loading parts for humans is easy but can require delicate technologies to automate.
Similarly, transferring parts automatically may require robots or transfer lines. This may seem attractive on paper, but the complexity often reduces process reliability to below 70%.
In addition, what do you do with expensive, highly automated lines when demand changes? When demand falls off you are stuck with an underutilized piece of high-depreciation equipment. When demand rises above capacity you need to buy another expensive automated line.
Experience has shown that Level 3 Automation achieves many of the benefits of full automation but without the expense, procurement lead time, maintenance requirements, downtime and volume inflexibility.
Thus: “The Great Divide” Look for alternatives first."
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