sábado, julho 21, 2018

Curiosidade do dia

Quando pensamos que se bateu no fundo do poço, aparece alguém com uma retroescavadora e, continua a escavar.
"Academics at a top British university have been told that they should not use the phrase “as you know” during lectures, because it might make some students feel so bad that they’ll do poorly in their courses.
These instructions were given at an equality-and-diversity network meeting at Bath University, according to an article in The Daily Mail.
“Some lecturers used commonly known references stating ‘as you know,’ which could make students feel at fault for not knowing and make it difficult to engage with the course content,’” Berenice Dalrymple, co-chair of the university’s student-union race-equality group, said at the the meeting."

Trecho retirado de "The Phrase ‘As You Know’ Declared a Microaggression"

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