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"Most people tend to describe what they do rather than the value they bring"

"“Why should this client meet with me?” is the first of theThree Magic Pre-call Questions.
The question gets right to the core of your value proposition. Something you offer brings measurable value to your clients.  What is that? The measurable value you bring to your clients is the reason they should meet with you. That is your Value Proposition.
I will be candid and say that it is embarrassingly common for salespeople, professionals and even large companies to not have a clear understanding of their value proposition and the value they bring to their clients.
Most people tend to describe what they do rather than the value they bring. This is a big mistake, [Moi ici: Um erro demasiado comum que temos combatido ao longo dos anos. O que os clientes compram não é o produto, o que os clientes compram é o que conseguem ganhar com a integração do que compram na sua vida. O nosso velho "think input e não output"] It is critical to know how to articulate the real value you deliver.
Your value proposition communicates (among other things) both the measurable value you deliver, as well as how you differ from competitors or alternatives in your same space.  Without a measurable value proposition it will be hard for you to command any kind of price for your solution because prospective clients have no discernible value to compare against your price. Without a value proposition your product or service simply looks like an additional cost.
Lack of a value proposition also tends to make all vendors look the same to buyers.  Without a value proposition clients will assume that all solutions in the same space solve with roughly the same degree of effectiveness."
O nosso "think input em vez de output" - quando se pensa no produto que se vende pensa-se em output. Quando se pensa no que se vende como o input que o cliente vai integrar, vai usar na sua vida para gerar um resultado valorizado na sua vida:

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