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Acerca de valor para o cliente (parte VI)

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Closely connected to, but still distinct from, interactions as source of CV is the integration of resources. This includes the integration of the customers’ resources which refers to providing customers with the opportunity to participate within the companies processes. Integrating the resources of customers and companies is treated as prerequisite for interactions.
“An inherent aspect of inter- action is connectivity”, i.e., the parties involved are in some contact with each other. With the term ‘connectivity’, the authors emphasize the integration of the companies’ and the customers’ resources. The importance of the integration of the companies’ and customers’ resources in the value creation process is strongly emphasized by the S-D logic.
customer processes which are not controlled by a company are considered as a highly relevant part within value creation. Hence, the challenge that needs to be addressed is discovering the underlying issues which cannot be easily recognized by a company. When the customer’s life is brought into the focus of value creation, an in-depth knowledge of the customer becomes necessary.
One way to gain this depth of understanding of the customer is integrating customers into the company’s processes. The aim of integration may therefore not only be the creation of interactions, but also the achievement of profound customer insights that go beyond insights gained by traditional marketing research methods. Hence, integration can also be considered a way for getting deep customer insights regarding what the C-D logic describes as ‘value-in-life’.
We conclude by stating that the benefits of customer integration are twofold. On the one hand, interactions are generated, which in turn, are considered a source of CV. On the other hand, it has the ability to generate in-depth knowledge of the customer, which may provide insights regarding value-in-life considerations and, as a result, for aligning future company actions."
Trechos retirados de "Reframing customer value from a dominant logics perspective" de Tobias Schlager e Peter Maas e publicado por International Journal of Marketing (2012) 51:101–113

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