quinta-feira, junho 22, 2017

Curiosidade do dia

"Please note !!...this is not my house...I stated that my house is surrounded by native trees with eucalyptus 800 metres away...not as close as the picture shown !!....I was just making an observation and used a picture which I stated was of a Portuguese farm...but have given another good example of another property similarly affected this past weekend with bad fires at Figueiró dos Vinhos. Most people understood this and I have been contacted by journalists who were very interested on the angle of the story ~ I have passed them onto the people who have had this happen in the past few days
Original Post ~ Our house is surrounded by native oak with the nearest eucalyptus about 800 m away...on our land we have olive, oak and fruit trees....all native to Portugal unlike the eucalyptus...it would seem according to studies that this would make us safer as these trees act as natural fire breaks, especially due to the Oak...A photo illustrating how Portuguese farms with indigenous trees are far more fire resistant than the eucalyptus plantations"
Trecho retirado de "Quinta rodeada de carvalhos e castanheiros escapou ao fogo"

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