sábado, abril 08, 2017

"Identifying Value At A Higher Level"

"Once a task becomes automated, it also becomes largely commoditized and value is then created on a plane that wasn’t quite obvious when people were busy doing more basic things.
So the first challenge is not try to simply to cut costs, but to identify the next big area of value creation. The value of bank branches, for example, is no longer to facilitate transactions, but to solve problems and upsell and there are more branches today than in 1980. In much the same way, nobody calls a travel agency to book a simple flight anymore. They expect something more, like designing a dream vacation.
the key to winning in the era of automation, where robots do jobs formerly performed by humans, is not simply more efficiency, but to explore and identify how greater efficiency creates demand for new work to be done. When technology automates tasks, value shifts to humans collaborating with other humans to design work for machines."

Trechos retirados de "How To Compete And Win In An Automated Age"

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