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"driver of productivity differences"

Um dos temas que mais gosto de estudar é o da heterogeneidade das empresas de um mesmo sector de actividade que operam num mesmo país, com as mesmas leis, com a mesma população e com o mesmo clima.

Ainda recentemente escrevi:

Por isso, não podia deixar de referir este artigo publicado ontem pela HBR "Good Management Predicts a Firm’s Success Better Than IT, R&D, or Even Employee Skills":
"“…no potential driver of productivity differences has seen a higher ratio of speculation to actual empirical study” than management.
Our survey was nationally representative but limited to manufacturing, covering small and large firms across every state in America. With a response rate of almost 80%, it covered plants that account for more than half of all U.S. manufacturing employment, and so is genuinely representative of U.S. management practices. In total, we got data from over 35,000 manufacturing plants in a massive national survey.
What does the first-ever management survey at this scale tell us?
Management Matters, a LotWe found that only one-fifth of plants use three-quarters or more of the performance-oriented management techniques that we asked about, but that these plants had dramatically better performance than their competitors. The plants that have adopted these monitoring and incentives-based management practices were far more productive, innovative, and profitable. Every 10% increase in a plant’s management index was associated with an impressive 14% increase in labor productivity, meaning the higher value added per worker. And it wasn’t just that already successful firms were more likely to be well-run; plants that switched to performance-oriented practices tended to become significantly more productive, suggesting that better management was driving better performance. Companies with higher management scores were also more likely to expand and less likely to go out of business."

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