segunda-feira, março 20, 2017


Parece uma conspiração ... depois de "Cuidado com as explicações generalistas simplistas" encontro outro trecho que me fez regressar à tal reunião:
"You can dollarize anything!
I am always excited when I hear stories about companies that have transitioned from being a product-focused company deriving over 8o percent of their revenue from unit sales to a service-oriented one deriving over 8o percent of their revenue from consulting and other services. And this happens all within the same industry with the same customers! These companies accomplish this because they understand the value of all the things companies do, and they offer clients economically attractive alternatives. ... Similar to what you would do in product development or in reverse-engineering, you are using a cross-functional team to understand how much it would cost you to deliver a particular service. Then you try to understand the cost that a customer incurs when they perform that service themselves. These services could be maintenance, application decisions, plant or supply chain management, or any other areas that a company could potentially outsource. If you can document a way to offer that service more economically (cost savings) or do it better (creating a revenue opportunity), you have the ability to conduct a rational, value-based talk with customers."
Trechos retirados de "Dollarizing Differentiation Value: A Practical Guide for the Quantification and the Capture of Customer Value"

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