domingo, fevereiro 26, 2017

"a flash in the pan is no basis for a long-range strategy"

"Success will not always breed success. In fact, it may be harder to manage a team that has reached a peak — particularly a peak that virtually nobody predicted. Big football clubs such as Spain’s Real Madrid, or England’s Chelsea, have over time created a culture of success that allows them to maintain momentum. But a flash in the pan is no basis for a long-range strategy. Research into the results of decades of US basketball playoff games has confirmed what is often obvious: that victories sometimes lead to overconfidence and failure, “whereas failure at earlier tasks can motivate individuals toward greater achievement in the future”.
By exposing flaws, failure often teaches more than success, which glosses over errors. So business schools should now redouble their efforts to enlist Mr Ranieri for a lecture series. Provisional title: “How the laurels of victory contain the seeds of disappointment: my part in Leicester’s rise and fall.”
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