terça-feira, janeiro 24, 2017

Acerca de alguns mitos do VBP

"VBP is not about having and maintaining the highest price. It is about pricing relative to the value you create for customers.

So VBP does not mean switching to kamikaze pricing behaviors such as raising prices overnight.

VBP is also not the same as premium pricing. I recommend that you avoid the word "premium" because it reinforces the perception that your prices are higher by default rather than higher because you consistently deliver superior value relative to your competition.
VBP is not the same as total cost of ownership (TCO). You only need to look at the “C” to understand why. Offering a customer a lower TCO is purely a cost calculation, but you may deliver value in many ways beyond mere cost savings. Your products may help your customers grow their business, and that difference in revenue and profit for them has a value as well.
The truth is that every single business has a differentiated offering and is  therefore a potential candidate for VBP. If you don't believe me, think about this: if customers keep buying from you, you must be doing something valuable. Go find it and localize it. Your source of differentiation may even be your price. No matter what it is, you have to find it and quantify it versus competition. Thinking you are good is not good enough. You also have to prove it, and that means you should not aim for huge differentials without clear proof that you can deliver on them consistently and reliably."

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