quinta-feira, dezembro 29, 2016

Curiosidade do dia

"Further, in countries where wealth comes from rent seeking, political patronage, or what is called regulatory capture (by which the powerful uses regulation to scam the public, or red tape to slow down competition), wealth is seen as zero-sum. What Peter gets is extracted from Paul. Someone getting rich is doing so at other people’s expense. In countries such as the U.S. where wealth can come from destruction, people can easily see that someone getting rich is not taking dollars from your pocket; perhaps even putting some in yours. On the other hand, inequality, by definition, is zero sum.
In this chapter I will propose that effectively what people resent –or should resent –is the person at the top who has no skin in the game, that is, because he doesn’t bear his allotted risk, is immune to the possibility of falling from his pedestal, exiting the income or wealth bracket, and getting to the soup kitchen."
Em relação ao primeiro sublinhado tive logo de desabafar no Twitter:

Em relação ao segundo sublinhado, como não recordar os tipos que vão estudar Filosofia para Paris ou beber piñacoladas numa praia tropical:
"Há os que, cumprida a comissão de serviço, recebem o seu e vão para uma praia beber piñacoladas e gozar o day-after. E há os que, ano após ano, distribuem a bosta e prestam contas das suas decisões."

Trecho retirado de "Inequality and Skin in the Game"

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