sábado, novembro 19, 2016

"Collaborative rather than oppositional thinking"

Na sequência de:
"In 1997, after many advances and setbacks, IBM’s Deep Blue finally bested the world’s greatest player, Garry Kasparov.
But something strange happened to chess after 1997. Instead of capitulating, its masters rethought their own thinking. The following year, Kasparov opened the first tournament of what has come to be known as Advanced Chess. In Advanced Chess, players are allowed to use a computer to assist them – and the results have been revelatory. Thanks to hardware and software improvements in the years since Deep Blue’s victory, even relatively weak computers now routinely beat Grandmasters at tournament level. But as Advanced Chess has shown, relatively weak computers working alongside human players will wipe the floor with the most advanced supercomputers. Collaborative rather than oppositional thinking has yielded radical advances in chess theory, and opened up whole new areas of play."
Trechos retirados de "What's wrong with big data?"

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