segunda-feira, outubro 17, 2016

O jardineiro louco

Na sequência de "Mercados e jardineiros" temos:
"India has managed to regress on economic policy. They have decided to start messing with prices in times of dearth. This is exactly, precisely and completely the wrong thing to be doing. Fixing prices makes shortages, that dearth, worse, not better. For prices are information–here, information that something is in short supply. Therefore suppliers should get to work producing some more in pursuit of that lovely profit and consumers should substitute away to something else in the meanwhile. This is how shortages get solved–through the information that the price system provides. Short-circuiting this process is nonsensically stupid but that is what they’ve decided to do"
Trecho retirado de "Regressive Economic Policy In India -- No, Don't Mess With Prices"


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