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Dolorosa leitura

Em "Redsigma - O fim da linha" escrevi:
"prefiro apoiar empresas a estarem à frente da onda, tão à frente que ainda não existem normas."
Descobri isto em 2004, quando PME e eu percebemos que a marcação CE vinha abrir caminho à comoditização acelerada.
Relacionar com:
"1. Innovation precedes regulation, not the other way around. In entrepreneurial societies, innovation always precedes regulation. In the United States, for instance, scientists and engineers in Silicon Valley, Boston, and New York are always one step ahead of regulators, developing innovations that help us solve some of our most critical problems. The regulators eventually catch up, but not before the innovators have developed viable solutions for us to improve our lives. If the regulations in your society precede innovation from entrepreneurs, this is likely to curb the entrepreneurial spirt of innovators."
Relacionar o "é preciso perder a vergonha de impostar quem acumula dinheiro" com:
"2. Entrepreneurs and innovators are richly rewarded for their breakthroughs. In an entrepreneurial society, entrepreneurs are popular heroes and profit materially from their work. People want to emulate them. In non-entrepreneurial societies, government officials, politicians, and civil servants are the ones who—while not heroes— reap the greatest financial rewards, largely because they are key to getting anything done. When that is the case, then society is at the mercy of the altruism of government officials as opposed to the ingenuity of entrepreneurs and innovators." 

Para muitos, nesta sociedade a caminho da "prosperidade socialista venezuelana", o trecho que se segue é perigosa retórica de direita:
"5. Work is becoming more modularized. As societies become more entrepreneurial, work, and our idea of work, is becoming more modularized. In other words, work will no longer be confined to employment contracts that require people to work at least eight hours a day for an indefinite amount of time for a corporation. Instead, work will depend largely on shorter term engagements and will be specific to a particular project." 
 E, talvez o trecho mais doloroso para quem acompanha a sociedade portuguesa:
"6. The society is either prosperous or is on a clear path toward prosperity. Perhaps the clearest sign that you live in an entrepreneurial society is that it is either prosperous or on a path to prosperity. Prosperity is different from growth. Economies can grow without becoming prosperous."
Trechos retirados de "6 Signs You’re Living in an Entrepreneurial Society"

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