terça-feira, dezembro 29, 2015

Em tempos de incerteza crescente

Em tempos de incerteza:
"If you’ve ever caught a deer in your headlights, you’ve seen that the first reaction to uncertainty is to freeze. The status quo seems the safest situation from which to assess.
It’s not an instinct limited to the wild.
Uncertainty is not going away anytime soon, and inaction can’t be the default response. So how should leaders adapt?
three recommendations for managing uncertainty that we all can use:
  • Learn faster than your opponent
  • Focus guidance on bigger issues
  • Be ready to exploit surprise gains
Learn faster than your opponent. Uncertainty may darken the entire horizon, but not everyone is affected equally. The edge often goes to those who can learn quickly.
the aspiration in uncertainty is not to reduce the chances of failure, but to minimize its costs, and the odds that the same failure recurs.
Of course if errors are going to be a font of faster learning, they need to be reported and shared. That’s a culture that has to be set at the top.
Give less guidance, and save it for the big issues. In uncertainty, more decisions need to be made by those closest to new information.
For decentralized authority to succeed, senior managers need to reinforce core principles to guide newly empowered decision-makers.
Be ready to exploit surprise gains. For most people, uncertainty breeds anxiety. Amidst it, we lose sight of the potential for unexpected gains.
Despite the opportunity for upside, uncertainty breeds indecision in many managers. They defer difficult choices by demanding more data and further study, habits that will only be exacerbated by the advent of big data. While data can strip away some uncertainty, it rarely eliminates it."
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