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Tecto de vidro? Uma hipótese de explicação (parte XVIII)

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Bem na sequência de "Tecto de vidro? Uma hipótese de explicação (parte XVII)"
"Sales reps are always looking for that next big opportunity and justifiably so. But while all new big opportunities initially look great – be cautious! All “bright shiny objects” aren’t good opportunities.
In major B2B sales it is critical early on to distinguish between an account that represents good and bad business.
Wasting time and money chasing bad business is like salt in the wound.
Yet, why might a significant opportunity in fact be a bad piece of business? Well, it could be a bad opportunity for a number of reasons related to the opportunity but in major sales most reasons relate back to a common factor: the initial customer specifications are vague or ill conceived.
The core problem is poor specifications often lead to troubles during the project implementation requiring more of your resources then planned or demanding skill sets that are outside your power swing. Consequently you end up with less profit then anticipated or in the worse cases loses and perhaps a lack of resources to pursue other opportunities. This constitutes small problems in small opportunities but big problems in big opportunities."
Trechos retirados de "Pipeline management – not all business is good business"

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