domingo, setembro 28, 2014

"making sense of value creation and co-creation" (parte V)

Parte I, parte II, parte III e parte IV.
Dá um gozo tremendo misturar o genial texto de Gronroos e Voima com exemplos da realidade.
Este artigo, "Citizen Hackers Tinker With Medical Devices" pode ser um sintoma da falta de interacção entre os fabricantes e os clientes. Fabricantes concentram-se nos atributos e na tecnologia e, esquecem-se de trabalhar com os utilizadores, com o contexto da sua vida, de reparar na forma como integram o recurso "equipamento" na sua vida:
"Then Mr. Adams found NightScout, a system cobbled together by a constellation of software engineers, many with diabetic children, who were frustrated by the limitations of current technology. The open-source system they developed essentially hacks the Dexcom device and uploads its data to the Internet, which lets Mr. Adams see Ella's blood-sugar levels on his Pebble smartwatch wherever she is. It isn't perfect. It drains cellphone batteries, can cut out at times and hasn't been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. But for many, it has filled a gap.
The home-built setup is part of a shift in the way Americans relate to the medical industry and their own health care. Technologically savvy patients are starting to tinker under the hoods of medical contraptions, seeking more influence over devices like blood-sugar monitors, insulin pumps and defibrillators that record and control bodily functions."

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