segunda-feira, maio 26, 2014

Acerca do aumento dos preços

O meu conselho para as PMEs, muitas vezes, passa pelo aumento dos preços ("").
Às vezes é só mesmo aumentar os preços, dada a disparidade entre a procura e a incapacidade de a satisfazer em quantidade.
Mais vezes passa por aumentar preços como contrapartida de algo mais, sob pena da PME não ter futuro. Para estas últimas aplica-se:
"Getting a price premium for providing superior value is fine so long as customers feel that it is fair. As a senior manager in our research sagely concluded: “Value-based pricing is not about squeezing as much money out of customers as you can, but building customer relationships.” Customers that feel good about doing business with a supplier are more willing to give that supplier a larger share and a more profitable mix of their business. They are more willing to collaborate with the supplier, to generate and share data on the performance of its offerings relative to the alternatives and what that is worth in monetary terms. They are more willing to work together to “tweak” present offerings to enhance their value and to develop new offerings that will deliver superior value."
Trecho retirado de "Why the Highest Price Isn’t the Best Price"

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