domingo, janeiro 27, 2013

Curiosidades do dia

"The recent success of Britain's car industry suggests all is not lost. Domestic car sales fell by 4.2% in the year to November, but exports to China rose 23%, and sales to India were up by 67%. Foreign carmakers who built export-oriented operations in Britain in previous decades have taken advantage of the fall in sterling (Moi ici: E as exportações da Autoeuropa para a China foram por causa de quê?) to expand market share, particularly in emerging markets."
Trecho retirado de "Made in Britain"

No seguimento de "Dá que pensar..."
"J&J faces more than 10,000 lawsuits over its ASR hips, according to a quarterly filing in November. Lawsuits often bring settlements (Reuters reports that J&J’s may be particularly pricey), but they occasionally also bring trials. And trials often bring embarrassment, then bigger settlements or bigger awards. On January 25th an ASR suit will go to court in California. Already, court documents reveal worrying new details. In 2011 an internal study showed that 37% of ASR hips failed within five years. And in 2008, two years before the recall, there was already some evidence of problems with the hips."
Trecho retirado de  "Hip flop"
"The purpose of business is to..."

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