quinta-feira, julho 08, 2010

Começar pelo fim!!!

Há muito que defendo neste blogue o começar pelo fim, o começar pelo ponto de chegada. O que fazemos é instrumental, é o que nos faz chegar ao porto ambicionado. Por isso, já escrevemos, por exemplo: "Formação de auditores que começa pelo fim"; "Mais uma vez - Começar pelo fim é precioso!"; e sobretudo "Mais uma vez e sempre: Começar pelo fim!!!".
Mais uma achega para defesa desta abordagem "Start At The End":
"I’ve just finished a really interesting book, The Sinai Campaign by Moshe Dayan, the great Israeli general. Dayan, facing the Egyptian army in 1956, did the same thing Stallone did. He worked backwards from the end. He figured out what the Israeli Defense Forces needed to accomplish, politically as well as militarily, to extricate themselves from a dangerous situation (Egyptian terrorism, a blockade of the straits of Tiran, etc.) Then he figured out what actions were necessary to get to that place.

Another way to look at this principle is to think of it in terms of leadership. What service does a leader perform? A leader defines the goal. (In writing terms, he figures out the climax of the story; in biz terms, he articulates where the organization wants to go.) Then he turns to his colleagues and says, “Okay, ladies and gentlemen, figure out how to get us there.”

For us, as artists and entrepreneurs, we have to be the leader and the working stiffs. Part of us has to define the goal–what’s the finish? what’s the climax? where do we want this train to end up? The other part has to figure out what specific actions we need to take to get us there.

I’m not saying Start At The End is the only way to do this. But it’s a sound principle that applies across a whole range of disciplines. Work back-to-front. It works."
Para quem nunca experimentou, um conselho: Tentem!!!

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