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Proposta de valor = concentração, foco, sintonização

Para definir uma proposta de valor há que primeiro identificar e caracterizar os clientes-alvo. Assim, formular uma proposta de valor implica concentrar, focar as atenções num grupo específico de clientes e equacionar as experiências que buscam quando vão ao mercado.


“So a value proposition statement is a clear, compelling and credible expression of the experience that a customer will receive from a supplier’s measurably value-creating offering. It is not a description of what your organization does for a customer.

Value proposition thinking is at the heart of any value-focused organization. It sharpens the way organizations work by focusing activity so as to serve customers profitably. Note the use of ‘profitably’: the value proposition approach recognizes that you must be profitable to stay in business. A value proposition approach does not mean that your organization responds to every customer or prospect demand. That would be a sure path to bankruptcy.

value proposition development is an organizational approach to building in value to the customer experience; it is the management of the discipline of providing profitable customer value.

The entire value proposition building process is about focus. Going into organizations and asking them what they think their value is, it is our experience that executives adopt a ‘more is better’ approach.

They’ll say things like ‘We deliver great service’, and ‘Our intellectual property is really robust’, and ‘We’ve got the best people’, and so on, and on and on and on. The point is that although these may be interesting features, they are not differentiating, and will not make the organization stand out from the crowd.

Put simply, lists of features of this kind provide no directional clarity as to why a particular organization is special. In fact, more usually they get in the way, cluttering the view, so that it becomes impossible for a would-be client to see where the real value is in a given circumstance.

So, much of the purpose of the market, value experience and offerings steps is to strip away features that are irrelevant, unnecessary, and confusing – because they actually detract from a company’s value delivery potential.”


Acerca do valor e das listagens de atributos vale a pena ler este excelente postal “The Difference Between Features and Value


Trechos retirados de “Creating & Delivering Your Value Proposition” de Cindy Barnes, Helen Blake e David Pinder.

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